Best Online Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Online Master’s Degree in Computer Science

If you like to work with computers, abstractly think about things, and solve hard problems, computer science might be a good field for you. Computer science is a complicated field that looks at both the theories of how computers work and how they are used in the real world. During this program, students will use computers to solve problems, especially in software and hardware design, computer architecture, and programming languages. At the Master’s level, students build on the knowledge and skills they learned in their undergraduate studies. They also focus on advanced topics and hard problems in their specialized field of study.

Why a Master’s Degree Computer Science?

Many people who work in computer science start and end their degree with a bachelor’s in computer science. Even though a bachelor’s education is usually the minimum requirement for many jobs, it might not be enough for your potential employer, either now or in the future. There are many personal and professional reasons to think about getting a master’s degree in this very technical field. One reason is that people with advanced knowledge and high-order skills in computer science are likely to have more job options, more chances to move up, and make more money than their peers who don’t have a graduate degree. Getting your Master’s degree is also a good way to prepare for the difficult doctorate program.

Inside a Master’s Degree Program in Computer Science

About four or five years are needed to finish the online Masters in Computer Science. Depending on the school and program, students may take classes in software and hardware systems, database design, quality assurance and testing, and software project management. In addition to the core courses, students can also take electives related to the subject, such as computation and optimization algorithms, programming for mobile devices, and secure software engineering, to learn more and improve their skills. Students in many graduate programs also have to do a capstone project or an independent study/practicum.

Like most online programs, graduate students will use their school’s learning management system to access their courses, class assignments, grades, and other materials. Lectures and other content can be delivered in many different ways, such as text documents, audio or video clips, slide shows, modules, and other formats. Even though most graduate-level work is done on your own time, some programs require you to attend meetings or tests in person from time to time.

What’s Next for People with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science?

Graduates will be able to do many different jobs of work. Computer science graduates often work as computer and information systems managers, also called information technology managers, depending on their interests and the industry they want to work in. This person is in charge of making plans, putting them into action, and keeping an eye on different IT and computer-related tasks at companies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the number of jobs for computer and information systems managers will grow by 15% by 2024. Cyber threats and other IT security problems are happening in most industries, so there will need to be more managers to deal with them. This is a job that is exciting and hard and pays well. As of May 2014, the BLS said that the average annual salary for computer and information systems managers was $136,280.

Even though people with a master’s degree have a good chance of getting a job, they might want to take their education or career to the next level. The next level of education is a Ph.D. in computer science, the highest degree available in this field. Getting a doctoral credit opens the door to more advanced career opportunities in industry or academia. Best of all, you will be seen as an academic expert in this highly technical field.

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