Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice


Criminal justice is the law of how and why laws are enforced. In a bachelor’s law in criminal justice, you will learn how the law is enforced, how the system works, and why there are certain rules and procedures. This degree looks at different parts of the law and the moral and theoretical problems in a criminal justice setting. It’s a great degree program for people who want a career in the justice system where they can grow.

Why a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice?

An online criminal justice If you want to be flexible and able to move around in your law enforcement career, a bachelor’s degree is a good choice. For many entry-level jobs in law enforcement, you only need an associate’s degree or a high school diploma. But most high-level jobs require experience and education, with a bachelor’s degree being preferred. With a bachelor’s degree, you might be able to work in management or for a high-ranking law enforcement agency with tougher job requirements. Also, budget cuts and more people wanting to work in law enforcement have made for a competitive job market where a good bachelor’s degree is a key differentiator.

Inside a Criminal Justice Program for a Bachelor’s Degree

Most online bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice take four years to finish if you study full time. You have to take at least 120 credit hours of classes most of the time, though some programs may be faster. Some programs let you enroll part-time and give you a lot of freedom with your schedule. A part-time program may take longer to finish, but it may be better if you can keep your job while you study.

During your first semester, you will probably take mostly general education courses and a few courses that are an introduction to your major. You will take writing composition, English, history, math, and science classes. You will also take a few lessons in law, corrections, criminology, and policing. In later semesters, you will take intermediate and advanced courses in the field, such as ethics in criminal justice, juvenile justice, alternatives to incarceration, criminal justice administration, statistics, and research methods. Most of your classes will combine video lectures or lessons with readings and assignments like research papers or presentations. To get a degree from some online programs, you may also have to do an internship with a local criminal justice agency.

What’s Next for Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree Holders?

With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from an online school, you may get a high-level job in law enforcement. This degree can lead to a job as a police detective, which usually requires a bachelor’s degree and a lot of experience in the law. You could also think about an appointment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or another federal agency. Most FBI agents must have at least three years of experience in law enforcement and a bachelor’s degree.

You can also get more education in criminal justice after earning a bachelor’s. People with a bachelor’s degree can go on to get a master’s or doctoral degree. Online master’s degrees in criminal justice are meant to prepare you for a career in the criminal justice system as a leader, program designer, or administrator. With a degree, you will be ready to do more research in the field.

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