Online Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design; Do You Know

Online Associate's Degree in Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art and science of putting together images and words to send messages for advertising, marketing, and other communication needs. Graphic designers use their special skills and knowledge to make graphics that are easy to recognize. They use certain colors, images, logos, and fonts.

Before getting into the field, most graphic designers get some formal college training. At the associate level, students will learn about the theory and practice of graphic design and create designs that are good enough to show off at job interviews.

Why an Associate’s Degree?

One of the fastest and least expensive ways to get into this competitive field is to get an online associate’s degree in graphic design. This two-year program gives a complete overview of design techniques and ideas. In addition to learning about art and color theory, logos and symbols, corporate branding, and typography, students will also learn about the job duties of graphic designers.

Even though you can get hired for a design job with just a vocational certificate in graphic design, the associate degree gives you more specialized training and education to help you get ready for a career in graphic design. It is also a great step toward getting a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, the next highest level of education.

Inside an Associate’s Degree Program in Graphic Design

Most online associate degree programs in graphic design take between one and two years to finish. Students will take classes on various topics, such as an introduction to graphic design, digital imaging fundamentals, information design, web design, web animation, and more. Depending on the program or college, students may have to take more general education courses or electives.

Distance learners may also have to make personal design portfolios to show off their work and skills during their last semester. This is in addition to taking courses and tests online. Keeping in touch with your instructors, classmates, and advisors is important for doing well in online classes. Make sure to use the online and local services and resources available to all students.

What’s Next for Associate Degree Holders in Graphic Design?

Graduates of the graphic design program will be able to start working in a variety of entry-level positions. Many people with an associate’s degree can go straight to becoming graphic designers.

They can work for themselves or design firms, publishers, advertising and public relations firms, or computer systems design services. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of graphic designers will grow by about 1% by 2024, and the average annual salary will be $50,670.

Some employers will hire people with an associate degree in graphic design, but most prefer to hire people with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. In this case, graduates who finish an assistant program usually go back to school to get a four-year degree. By doing this, students’ knowledge and skills will grow, and they will have more job opportunities and be able to make more money.

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